Hello, I’m Mary Lee.

I am a single mother to three beautiful boys, I started young. At 21 years old I was married and had my first child, Aidan Riley. Nine years later I’m FINALLY learning how to balance parenting, the job I have, my dreams for the job I want to have…and my dog. 😉
Cinderella is a year old dachshund mix that at times “helps me” in our “production room” (read: garage)
After opening my little shop five years ago, there have been a countless number of questions as to why I wanted to pursue this dream instead of the college degree path that was laid out before me.
I believe in education, absolutely. I believe in giving every person a chance to learn the skills they need to achieve goals that set their hearts on fire. But.
Yes, but. I believe in the soul. I believe in being crazy creative, illogically imaginative, and in everything lovely.
The soul seems to have this innate connection with Mother Nature that the logical mind cannot see until it is laid out, in the flesh, alive.
I believe success comes differently for every single person and each of us have an extraordinary, one of a kind, skill set and purpose. 
And mine (Mary Lee)?
My soul is constantly pulling me in new creative directions that bring growing pains and change my course.

The “why”

I created Baubles and Bites because, well really it’s because of a little black dress. I had to dress up for a formal affair and needed accessorize with something affordable, but looked expensive and could not find anything under $100. So, I decided to create it.
I decided I would never again settle in any area of my life. Not for making just enough to pay bills or even being “kind of successful and sorta happy”. I chose to quit letting my logic hinder my vision.
Thus, here we are! 
About Mancave Mama

Never in my right mind did I ever think I would be raising boys, much less three of them largely on my own. I’ve found in the last eight years that one thing most of us moms struggle with is finding balance between who we were and are as women and creatives and merging that with our new role as “Mom”, then making sure ‘we’ don’t get lost in the mix. 

I founded this community in an effort to reach out to other creatives and creative parents.

I wanted to create a judgement free space to hear and share funny stories, trial and errors, craft ideas for boys (and girls!), some real in your face truth, and of course freebies- I LOVE giveaways!


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