What is in your beach bag?

This week I’m sharing my Friday Finds for the beach!  

What’s in your beach bag? Growing up in and still continuing to live in the Emerald Coast/panhandle of Florida, the beach is the center of everything. I’ve had a LOT of experience packing and unpacking my beach  bag and have seen how these have totally changed now that I have “procreated”. of course. It definitely also changed after we went from one to two then two to three kids as well.

Some things are great. Others you thought would but they didn’t work out that way. And then of course, I have had my share of epic fail moments too (I:e forgetting to wash my towels and realizing all I brought was a black sheet. Black @ the beach? No Bueno on this Irish skin)! 

Hard to believe right?!? Well, I have.

My perfect beach environment has also changed. 

Priorities used to be: 

1) A lot of hot shirtless people my age

2) The presence of a bathroom to brush my tangled hair

3) Close proximity to an alcoholic beverage (once legal age of course, Mom!!!)

Now, what are they? 

A bathroom still, for those unexpected number 2s

The availablity of close parking and minimum walking distance

Enough space to bitch at my kids without funny looks or unwanted comments and questions (like, duh! That riptide is unforgiveable, sweetie, much like my overweight ex-mother-in-law……..

Just kidding Mama, you know I still love you…around Christmas…)

Yes. I spank my minions (when deserved)

  • I know how it happens
  • Yes my hands are full
  • No we’re not trying for a girl, we’re divorced.
  • Yes I know my boys look like twins, but they are 13 months “together” 
  • And yes, all the same father (he lives in Cali and yes pays child support, would you like my street address and SSN also? Get out!)

Without further ado (and in no particular order), I’ve created a printable list for you to download, print, and add to for your next beach trip. Below I have also created a short list of essentials that are not on your typical beach trip packing list, but in my last thirty years of beach bum life,  I would not want to leave home without!!! 

Have fun and sunscreen it up; cancer is not just an Obama Administration hoax!

Firstly, Lets Talk Beachwear 

Well technically these are on my body not in my bag. Nevertheless:

As far as beachwear goes, now that I’m a mother I don’t generally like to over indulge in my own fashion for beach as inevitably, no matter what I wear or do at some point one boob will be out due to the desperate grabbing of toddlers or some organic snack will be on my butt with me yelling my ass off at my 8 year old to not go any deeper. Child neglect is much more of a crime than my last years bikini print. 

However, my I don’t skimp on two things, a good beach hat, an easy to throw on coverup, and fantastic (but frugal sunglasses). If you’re in the market, here are my suggestions.

Beach Hat (Frugal) ($$ Fashion)
Sunglasses (Frugal) ($$ Fashion)
Coverup (Frugal) ($$ Fashion)

For the kids, I’m not a helicopter Mom, but at the beach, there is nothing more scary than watching your children go under a white capped wave. Seriously

I love these life jackets (Frugal) ($$ Fashion)

My boys insist on goggles, especially at the beach because salt water in the eyeball is basically a slow death.

I would definitely also recommend bringingExtra Clothes, Bangles/accessories, and Flops, because…DUH! Another useful idea is to label your shoes, swimsuits especially, and even your toys and blow ups if you intend on reusing them. I usually also label my towels, beach chairs and cooler. I’m fond of my shit.

Sunscreen is kind of a no brainer but I want to mention it anyway. Every year we get both vacationers and even locals that are down on the beach red and patchy as if they have no idea what the sun is and what it does and not only is it NOT a pretty sight but it’s also really horrible for your body and there are a lot of sun are and sunscreen myths out there I’d like to take a minute to debunk

Towels and clips !!!!!!!!                            At least two per child and extras left in the car to protect it from sandy wet suits

Swim Shoes

Gotta love a good pair of water shoes. Some shells just hurt and fishies nipping at your toes when you wade your lazy butt in to pee, isnt too delightful.

Flushable Wet Wipes: 

Just trust me

Sun shade for my car

Have you ever sat your sunburnt booty on a leather seat that’s been saturated with 99 degree weather for the past 4 hours? OUUUCCCH

Garbage and Laundry bags
Usually the beaches we hit have some sort of garbage and recycling bins but these can be a long, sandy walk my lazy butt doesn’t want to endure. Garbage bags will get it all in one trip! I also bring them because at times we leave but not go straight home so I rinse my boys down and strip them down and bag the wet suits (and towels). It’s much more simple to put wet and sandy items in a laundry bag and toss it in the wash when I get home rather than having to dig through 8 beach bags

Beach Sand Spiker & Koozie
Water is totally essential even more when you’re in Florida so dehydration is a huge problem. I personally just loathe the plain taste of water so I use my infuser instead of water bottles and I hate getting the bottom all sandy because it will inevitably get in my mouth. Yuck. I love my monogram Spikers and cup sand free cup net, for the win!!

Rolling Beach Chair/Cart

Otter box for my IPhone + Waterproof speaker/ear buds

Yes I think my Otterbox may be more essential than water. Maybe. Yes. Maybe. Probably. At least for my sanity. 

Sand away spray: DID YOU KNOW THIS EVEN EXISTED? Me either. But it apparently does.

Lip balm (usually tinted)

The beach is about the only place I rock an edgy purple or hot pink pucker. I’m too pale any other time 🙂 

Detangler or Beach Spray

My newly bleached hair cannot live without detangler and/or leave in conditioner. The bald look would just never work for me.

Camera (with case and cleaner spray)

This is pretty much a given, most of the time on a beach trip I will just bring my phone for any embarrassing obligatory snap and posting but if we are going on our annual Mexico Beach (Florida) trip, you better believe I’ve packed my Canon DSLR and a back up battery with said case + cleaner. Especially at our gulf beaches you really have to make sure you take care of your equipment. Salt is awful for electronics.

Beach Pillow and Books

Currently I’m reading about four different books because um, basically I’m just THAT ADHD that I can’t reaword only one book. I get bored. So at the moment I’m reading “Big Magic”, “Orange Rhino”, “Raising Cain” and working through two awesome workbooks, The Desire Map and My Big Beautiful Book Plan (can you tell I’m SLIGHTLY obsessed with Danielle Laporte’s energy? Well, I am.) 

Yes I’m old. My boys definitely love their iPad books and I do own a few, but I just realllly love the feel of an old book in my hands with the sound of the waves crashing to the shore. 

Plus, I can’t spank with my iPad!!

Planner/Notebook/My Fav Pens There has been this huge Erun Conndren dad going on but honestly, I much prefer putting together my own planners with these pages from Alessia Claire and Clean Life and House and makes some super awesome letter notebooks. I’m seriously notepad and planner obsessed, you’ve have no idea!

You Suck Notes Genuis. These have come in handy more often than you’d think!!

Paddle board. Okay. I’m lying. I’m too lazy to paddle after working and parenting three boys on my own all week. But I’ve heard it’s fantastic exercise. 😉

Now heres my little list of 

“Get Off My Beach, Fool” items, for your enjoyment:

Your drama/your mamas exboyfriend’s sisters cousin twice removed. Seriously. Enough. Said.

Glass bottles and all your trash

Food for the “Pelicans” Those are not pelicans, they are seagulls, and not only are they disgusting and annoying but they WILL shit on your head and make you contract herpes which you will deserve if you’re dumb enough to feed them anyway (okay maybe not, but still, don’t feed them, SERIOUSLY)!

And a couple little rules of thumb because honestly, the people I have known nearly my entire life, as well as myself, really DO want you to come to the beautiful place we call home, and see all that there is to enjoy. 

We very much value the quality of life we are enabled to live by having a beautiful place to share with people we hope will take a break from their insanely 24/7 technologically overshared  lives and enjoy what we were all created for. 


Connection with those close to us.

Nature, wildlife & all it’s wonders.

Good, magical cuisine.

And of course, damn good locally brewed beer! Bottoms up! 
This is a little printable list for you to download! Have fun! 


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