Unplug Challenge

It’s interesting to me that we so often discuss that social media can be detrimental to our relationships and yet, we never seem to adjust our routines. 

Yes, we are a full blown technological world now. Today I wrote a WordPress blog, stalked my best friends (okay, all of my friends + probably acquaintances too *insert sheepish look*) on Facebook, approved 5 Insta followers, tweeted my new inventory I added to shopify, sent out my gmail newsletter, skype’d a business meeting, and logged onto an online class I’m taking. WHEWWWWW!! 

We spend so much time “being social” and yet, in this world of instant satisfaction and remote connection across the globe, we have isolated ourselves. We connect without any real connection. Coversate but dont fall  off the couch giggling so much we’re crying, with our best friends. 

We socialize but remove the whole relationship part of it, at least not beyond pleasantries and small talk. Where you can look in your friend or child or business partners eyes and engage. Feel their energy. Hold them during a tough time when often, being there has nothing to do with saying the right words. It is no wonder we are in chaos. 

Of course, for many technology is unavoidable and their livelihood. Understandable. But what if real profit, happiness, and success will never be fully realized because we don’t even see the definition of it, and the ways we’re off course, until it’s too late?

We see “social” and ultimately, we see profit and our financial dreams and purpose finally realized. Our reach, span of influence globally accessible. But what if in all of this we are not truly on the path to success? It certainly is different for everyone, but what makes it such, at the end of the day? 

It’s ultimately about people. Relationships. Hugs. Helping others. Connecting both body, and mind, and soul. Finding meaning. Love. Gratefulness. Peace. 

As much as I do enjoy and profit from social media and the like, I would choose really listening to a friend, than a full bank account. 

I’d choose date nights and indoor forts with my boys, then a name for myself. 

I’d choose crafting and crying over wine with my best friend, than knowing all their is about SEO. I’d choose love, successful and fulfilling relationships 
I’d choose just being me. My body. My quirks. My habits. My fitness. My favorite yoga pants. My peace. Over everything social media constantly tells me I should be, act, do, wear, share, and love. 

Maybe real success cannot come until we mindfully unplug and reconnect with the souls we were put on this earth to know, create with, and genuinely, actively love. Including, ourselves.


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