Action Steps

List one thing you’d like to accomplish this year, then list 10 things you must do to accomplish this. 
Think small, make a phone call, look up a phone number or web site, etc.
Along any life journey there is a point where a creative wall block is built. Unexpectedly, it’s violently crashed into and melodramatically all hope in life is gone never to return. This is not true, but the wall itself has safely kept any sign of “future” tucked out of sight.
Create an action plan for these “valley days”, what will you do to climb this grey wall and live your life with creative zest? Where will you go for inspiration? What words/quotes/etc. inspire and bring you hope of purpose?
For me, a while back I put together a folder on my task bar of saved websites I collectively call “my inspirations”, however, before I even open any of these links and begin to read I have to actively (and often) remind myself not to compare my own blog and/or business to whatever site I am about to visit. If I compare myself to it and the success it has found I will NOT feel inspired but instead overwhelmed, unaccomplished, and really rather pathetic. If you can’t tell your inner comparison critic to be quiet then I suggest you not visit any inspirational websites. But try some of the other suggestions below.

Get back to simplicity
Read through your own old journals or blogs (I personally have a million…handwritten, and personal ones on Xanga, Live Journal, and Blurty…yeah…taking it WAY back!) Sometimes all you need is getting back to the heart of who you are, and what used to light a fire in you. Before you worried about a mortgage, a real job, kids, making money, being a creative genius every second of every day, meeting deadlines, etc. etc.
Make a list
What things consume your thoughts every day? What worries are actually important and which can be given attention at another time. Make a list of all your worries and all the things you need to accomplish this week, a brain dump if you will. Prioritize your tasks and worries and start knocking them out TOMORROW. Not today, today “give yourself permission” to be still. Don’t start a new project, don’t finish an old one, don’t make a deadline, don’t do any of the things that are the most urgent on your dump list. They are important, but you are more important. Giving yourself time to relax, meditate, pamper yourself, simply sit still, alone, and quiet and you’ll see what a violent creative rush will come from self reflection and refreshment.
Connect With A New Muse (heck more than One New Muse is even better)
Just because you’re a creative genius, it doesnt mean you are always inspired, nor can you “do life” on your own. Everyone has a muse, someone that speaks life into the heart or who’s writing consistently stirs up the fire in you even when you feel blank and cold. For me, there are MANY inspirational people/bloggers that I refer to when I’m in a funk. But, I’m not going to list alll of them (itd take days…and Im lazy) 
but a few include
White Hot Truth, Danielle Laporte is truely a rare breed. Creative, unique, effective, inspiration, AND is not out to toot her own horn (unless the situation calls for such, haha) but so passionately wants to help others release their creative voice, while giving the tools to do so. I especially enjoyed her Manifesto of Encouragement, What to do inbetween projects She also has a wonderful creative kick e-book study called The Spark Kit.
I Grow Up Coach is another awesome resource that also does career counseling, but has some very unique information onsite, including something that honestly was the sole biggest inspiration for me creating this “Spark Your Saavy” blog, and journey of my own, called Tough Tuesdays. Michelle presents probing questions, musings, challenges, and inspirational artwork all in one weekly post. These are similarly, to Spark Your Saavy, designed to revv up the creative, vixen(or the male equivilent) in you. 


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