A Screw Loose

Thinking about it today, it really saddens me how social media inspires so much targeted hate and stigmatizes mental health even further than it is already. Words are a powerful thing. There is a bonafide difference between your “crazy” ex girlfriend that Facebook stalks you and real, honest, people with mental illness and disabilities. 

9 times out of town a mentally ill person, especially if they are a parent, is not going to purposely call attention to their problems or publicize their fears for the sake of attention (like I said, USUALLY, it depends on the condition of course). They hear all the talk about such and such being nuts, how such and such should of never been allowed custody or have children at all, or how.

I completely understand and agree with ridding your life of toxic people, whether they are to blame with choices or whether it’s a genetic chemical problem. But you’re NOT riding your life of it if you continue to air your dirty laundry by speaking harsh judgements and uneducational and incorrect assumptions whether these are about your “crazy” ex or about a real mentally ill person because though it may feel harmless. The person you speak of may completely deserve your words. 

But what you don’t see is that it’s not just this one person that words hurt or humiliate. By labeling someone crazy, it isolates and ostracizes those that really have a chemical problem and their, innocent, already struggling loved ones. Children. Generations even.  

They hide it. Let predujudices hinder steps to healing, out of fear. They silence the voices of children who love their parents deeply but want and need help. The lies that silence and spread ‘crazy’ propaganda say this is okay. They harmfully raise yet another generation of mentally ill persons unsuccessfully trying to find balance in their soul between their personal reality and the only world they’ve ever known. The one that has forever said who they genetically are, is all they will ever deserve to have and be. 
That’s just not okay at all. But you know, let’s just throw them all in jail and demolish families 


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